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Milestone reached at Vauxhall Vivaro van manufacturing plant

Milestone reached at Vauxhall Vivaro van manufacturing plant

Vauxhall has celebrated a milestone at its Luton manufacturing plant  the production of a millionth Vivaro van at the plant.

Vauxhall has been the UK's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer for the last thirteen years, and the Vivaro van is lynchpin the brand's top-selling van range.

The milestone Vivaro was bought by BT Fleet, Vauxhall's biggest Vivaro customer, who has bought 13,368 of the useful vehicles from Vauxhall over the past 11 years.

Senior Customer Relationship Manager at BT Fleet Mike Langford commented: "I'm delighted to take delivery of the one-millionth Vivaro on behalf of BT Fleet. The van has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of our workforce, and I believe the vans we are taking delivery of at the moment are their best yet.
"As with all the commercial vehicles on out fleet (circa 30,000) we work very closely with manufacturers like Vauxhall to source the right product that is able to meet the needs of our people today and for the next five to seven years."

The milestone comes after the all-new Vivaro was launched in 2014, securing 1,500 jobs at the UK's last van manufacturing plant after workers won a 10-year contract and a £185 million investment.

Rory Harvey, Vauxhall's Chairman and Managing Director commented: "We are very proud to celebrate this milestone at our Luton manufacturing plant. Our hardworking and dedicated workforce at Luton produce vehicles of exceptional quality so it is no surprise these UK-built Vivaro vans are so successful in the marketplace."

by: Laura Thomson