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New SKODA Superb GreenLine the most efficient yet!

New SKODA Superb GreenLine the most efficient yet!

SKODA has updated their GreenLine range with the new Superb GreenLine  the most advanced and efficient model to date.

Set to be unveiled to the public at next month's Frankfurt Motor show, the Superb GreenLine boasts an extremely efficient 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 118bhp.

Incorporating a host of advanced fuel-saving technologies and engineering features, the engine means that the Superb GreenLine has a predicted combined consumption figure of 76.4mpg and CO2 emissions of just 96g/km for the Hatchback model and 97g/km for the Estate version. With figures such as these, the Czech automobile manufacturer's large family car has a potential range of 1,100 miles on just one tank of fuel.

In order for the engine to meet strict European emission standards, the Superb makes use of two exhaust gas treatment units - an oxidation catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter.

As with all other Superb models, start-stop ignition and brake energy recovery come on the GreenLine as standard. Both Superb GreenLine models feature longer gear ratios, Selective Catalytic Reduction and 16-inch reduced rolling resistance tyres.

Alongside the low-resistance tyres, an aerodynamic package sees the Superb GreenLine boast incorporated roof and tailgate spoilers to channel air around the car and lower its air-resistance.

by: Laura Thomson