Nissan LEAF rocks down to 'Electric Avenue'

07/04/2014 13:23

Nissan LEAFs to be used in 'Electric Avenue' studyNissan LEAFs to be used in 'Electric Avenue' study

A group of nine neighbours in Marlow have taken delivery of new all-electric Nissan LEAFs to take part in the 'My Electric Avenue' project.

Led by EA Technology and hosted by Scottish Southern Energy Power Distribution, the lucky residents will use the LEAF models over a period of 18 months, with the aim of the initiative to discover 'essential learning' about managing the electricity network as plug-in cars increase in popularity. 

It will determine how easy it is to manage the local electricity network if a large number of electric cars are found on one street. 

Marlow is the first of 11 'residential clusters' that will take delivery of the Nissan LEAFs, with each area set to receive charging points. 

Trial participant Caroline Birkbeck said the LEAF is "the perfect car" to use on short and medium length journeys.

"It’s also incredibly cheap to recharge, with running costs of just 10-15% of our diesel car. I’m delighted to be part of this trial, it’s already showing that electric vehicles are an ideal form of transport today, and they are likely to become even more popular as their technology develops in the future.”

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