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Alfa DNA system allows vehicles to adapt to different terrains and road conditions.
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Parkour athlete gives Alfa Romeo's DNA system the run around

Parkour athlete gives Alfa Romeo's DNA system the run around

Alfa Romeo's MiTo and Giulietta models have been pitted against an elite Parkour athlete to demonstrate the handling qualities offered by the manufacturer's DNA system. 

Ronnie Shalvis used all his free-running skills to give the models a run for their money, pushing the cars to perform on road and ice surfaces.

Now fitted as standard in all new versions of these models, the innovative DNA feature allows the driver to shift the car's handling between three settings - 'Dynamic', 'Natural' and 'All-Weather' - depending on the terrain that needs to be tackled.

The MiTo was driven around a multi-storey car park, negotiating the tight corners and concrete obstacles in its path with elegant simplicity. Driven in the 'Dynamic' setting the car provides improved response as 50 per cent of the engine torque is made available in the first ten per cent of pedal travel.

Furthermore, the ability to stop is improved through a Pre-Fill braking system, while added steering weight makes for a sportier, more involved drive. 

After this challenge was complete, Shalvis brought the Giulietta to an ice rink, where the car applied the 'All-Weather' setting. 

In this mode, the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system becomes more intrusive, while the Anti-Slip Regulator (ASR) is lightened so the car can gain more traction on the slippery surface. 

If the model also features Alfa's TCT gear-change and adaptive suspension settings, the All-Weather setting also helps the car to pull away in second gear from stand still. 

Head of brand at Alfa Romeo Damien Dally said the DNA system is sophisticated and complex, but the driver can make the changes as simply as flicking a switch. 

Parkour athlete Shalvis also likened his discipline to the DNA, noting that with both you have to adapt to deal with challenging environments, while being agile and dynamic. 

"If you fail to respond to a situation or mistime a move, it could result in serious injury," he observed. "When everything works together, though, and you nail those difficult manoeuvres, it’s an amazing feeling! Making the film with Alfa Romeo was a fantastic experience and I think it really demonstrates how having that control of your environment lets you stay safe but also have a lot of fun."

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