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Skoda release in-car safety devices for dogs

Skoda release in-car safety devices for dogs

Skoda has released a range of new safety devices for their cars  aimed at dogs.

The practical accessories are designed to work in conjunction with pre-existing features in their cars so that dog owners can take their beloved pets for safe, and comfortable car rides.

First on the list is the dog seatbelt. Whilst there is already a number of dog seatbelts on the market, Skoda's very own canine restraint includes an around the body harness, which is safer and more comfortable to the animal that those which just clip onto the collar.

For dog owners who like to keep their vehicles clean, a backseat protector has also been debuted, and is reportedly large enough to cover any car backseat, from small models such as the Citigo to larger saloons such as the Superb.

Another safety product released by the Czech automobile manufacturer is the trunk grill. It will be available for the Fabia Estate and Superb Estate, and owners will be able use it to divide the luggage compartment into two sections  one section for the dog, and the other for the shopping.

All Skoda models are now available with tailor-fitted protective mats and inserts, whilst some, including the Rapid, the Yeti, and Octavia models come with an optional double-sided floor covering.

by: Laura Thomson