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The rally champion took actress Julianne Moore for a spin in New York in his souped up Fiesta.
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Tanner Foust demonstrates Ford Fiesta capabilities on Late Show

Tanner Foust demonstrates Ford Fiesta capabilities on Late Show

The Late Show with David Letterman proved an unlikely showcase for the Ford Fiesta earlier this week.

X Games RallyCross champion Tanner Foust was invited onto the popular chat show and used the platform to show off his souped up version of the motor, ESPN reported.

Arriving in style, the Rally Car Racing Champ parallel drift-parked the car he is to use in the X Games 17 in-between two taxis on 53rd Street in NYC.

Foust later took Julianne Moore, star of hit movies Boogie Nights and The Fortgotten, for a spin around the city, treating the actress to a number of doughnuts.

Late Show writer Michael McIntee, commented: "That was way cooler than I expected. Afterwards, Julianne hurled like a pre-teen skateboarder."

However, show host Letterman was more impressed with the Fiesta.

Making a quip about Foust's sports drink sponsor, the host said: "I'm telling you, I want that car. I'd drink a case of that Rockstar crap every day for the rest of my life if I get a car."

Posted by Craig Salter