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Bristol Street Motors has uncovered some of TikTok’s most bizarre winter driving hacks. Could these recommendations make cold weather driving easier?
Bristol Street Motors

Winter Driving: 5 Winter TikTok Car Hacks

Winter Driving: 5 Winter TikTok Car Hacks

With temperatures plummeting as commutes and school runs recommence, drivers are once again facing the winter driving annoyances that plague them year after year.

Whether it’s shivering in the driving seat for the first few miles while your car warms up or tearing yourself out of bed early to defrost your windscreen, we’ve all been there!

As the search for winter driving hacks continues, many drivers are turning to TikTok. Users have flooded the platform with their tried and tested techniques to make life that little bit easier on those cold winter mornings.

To help, Bristol Street Motors has gathered five of the strangest TikTok car hacks that can help improve your cold-weather motoring experience this winter. Take a look below – how many will you be trying?

Disclaimer: Bristol Street Motors has sourced these tips directly from TikTok. We accept no responsibility should these hacks cause damage to your car; drivers should use their own judgement before trying any of the below. 

1. How To Quickly De-Ice Your Windscreen

One of the biggest TikTok car hacks involves a zip-lock bag and warm water. We all know that pouring boiling water onto your frozen windscreen is a recipe for disaster, but hot water can help you de-ice your car.

Boil your kettle and pour the water into a plastic zip-lock bag and rub the bag over your windscreen – the ice will melt away without harming the glass! 

2. How To Prevent Your Windscreen From Freezing

If you want to stop your windscreen from freezing in the first place, this TikTok has a clever DIY recipe for a de-icer that will prevent your car from being frosted over on a morning.

Simply mix three parts white vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle, spritz the concoction on your windscreen on a night and enjoy the saved time the next morning. 

3. Where To Park Your Car When It Snows

If you’re expecting heavy snow, you might want to be tactical about where you park your car. This TikTok recommends parking at the very end of your drive to save on shovelling a path through the snow for your car to simply get off the drive!

4. How To Stay Warm In A Cold Car

For those that can’t stand the chill, this TikTok recommends an electric blanket that you can plug into your car! Banish the cold while you’re waiting for your car to defrost or when you’re parked up waiting for the kids on the school run. Just be warned that driving with an electric blanket could impede your ability to exit the car in an emergency...

5. How To Open A Frozen Car Door

While first instinct might be to try and force a frozen car door open, this TikTok recommends pushing the door closed instead! This small motion should crack any ice that has formed, which can then be melted with a de-icer (or cooking spray if you’ve got some handy!)

While many of the tips above address the day-to-day frustrations of driving in winter, the cold weather can be treacherous and take its toll on your motor if you don’t take the correct precautions.

Take a look at our winter car maintenance checklist to find out what you should check before you drive this winter. Alternatively, if your car really struggles, it may be time to start shopping for a new car