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Hyundai Bluelink App

Stay connected to your vehicle even when not sitting in the driver’s seat. You can plan upcoming trips, locate your Hyundai from busy areas and lock the car remotely. If you drive an electric Hyundai, there are special features in store for you. Bluelink App makes every journey feel more special.

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Stay on Top of the Vehicle

You can check the condition of your Hyundai wherever you are, at any time. Enjoy the following features:

  • Lock and unlock your car doors remotely
  • Run health diagnostics remotely to check the tyre pressure, brakes and more
  • View the live status of your car to check if any windows are open and the Distance to Empty

Plan the Route of Your Next Adventure

Organise the route to your next destination with the Bluelink App from wherever you are. Explore the advanced maps and location features:

  • Search new destinations and organise your route remotely
  • Let the Bluelink App navigate the last 200m-2km, which will guide you to your destination
  • Locate your Hyundai in a busy parking area with the Find my car feature

Bluelink App Features for Electric Vehicles

Control climate remotely before entering the cabin

View the Distance to Empty (DTE) to check how much electric range you have left

Set a charging schedule for your EV, making sure you will get the best rates and optimise the battery's life

Change the default settings of your charging limits, to take the full control of charging your EV

Personalise Your Bluelink App

Make your in-app experience unique with customisable settings. Enjoy the range of convenient features:

  • View the summary of your previous journeys, including details such as distance and average speed
  • Back up the profile and car settings to transfer all saved preferences to your next Hyundai
  • Customise the Bluelink App home screen and turn features on or off
  • Add a widget of the vehicle's remote and status features to your home screen for easy access

Download the Hyundai Bluelink App Today!

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