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What is an MOT and why is it needed?

An annual MOT is a legal requirement if your vehicle is over 3 years old. You can even be fined up to £1,000 for driving without a valid MOT test. We'll be pleased to book you in at a time that suits you. You can even wait in our comfortable hospitality areas.

What we offer

Vehicle health check

Vehicle Health Check

Receive a free Vehicle Health Check video & written report.


Complimentary Wi-Fi

Complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi while you wait.

Wash & Vac

Wash and Vacuum

Washed, cleaned and returned (almost) like new.

Outstanding recalls

Outstanding recalls

We will check manufacturer systems for any outstanding recalls.

Regular service and repair

What can you expect from a Bristol Street Motors MOT?

We're part of one of the UK's largest automotive retail groups

We have MOT test centres nationwide

Our modern workshops are equipped with the latest tools and technology

Our Aftersales Customer Experience team are on hand to help 7 days a week

Our services

Full service

We thoroughly examine your vehicle and check all fluids.

Seasonal check

Make sure your car is fit for every season with our quick and simple check.

Tyre check

We will check the safety of your tyres and can replace if needed.

Repair & maintenance

If you need repairs or maintenance, we will get you back on the road.


Unsure if your vehicle has a manufacturer recall? We'll check, fast.

Health Check

We will conduct a Free Vehicle Health Check whenever you bring your car in for an MOT test.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I check my MOT history?

You can check the MOT history of your vehicle at any time using the Government website by simply entering your vehicle registration.

How much does an MOT cost at Bristol Street Motors?

All MOT tests cost £54.85 at Bristol Street Motors. These will be carried out by qualified, nominated MOT testers, where you�ll receive a complimentary Vehicle Health Check, and a wash and vacuum, as well as free WI-FI and refreshments while you wait.

What is covered during an MOT test?

An MOT test checks important items on your vehicle to ensure that they meet legal and environmental standards, including:

  • Bodywork
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Electrical wiring and battery
  • Lights
  • Registration plates

Which MOT class is my vehicle?

It can be tricky to work out which MOT class your vehicle falls into. We've made it easy by breaking down each class below:

Class 1

  • Motorcycles with or without sidecar (engine size up to 200cc)

Class 2

  • Motorcycles with or without sidecar (engine size up to 200cc)

Class 3

  • Three wheeled vehicles up to 450kg unladen weight

Class 4

  • Three wheeled vehicles over 450kg unladen weight
  • Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
  • Motor caravans
  • Quads (max unladen weight 400kg - for goods vehicles 550kg and max net power of 15kw)
  • Dual purpose vehicles
  • Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
  • Ambulances and taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9 to 12 passenger seats)
  • Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight)

Class 4a

  • Class 4 vehicles (9 to 12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation check

Class 5

  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats)
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (more than 16 passenger seats)
  • Playbuses

Class 5a

  • Class 5 vehicles (13 to 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check
  • Class 5 vehicles (more than 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check

Class 7

  • Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight)

What happens if my vehicle fails its MOT?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you will be advised on the next steps by your service advisor and receive a document outlining the reasons for the failure. If any repairs are needed before an MOT retest, you must not drive the vehicle until the repairs have been completed.

However, if only 'minor' or 'advisory' problems are found and your current MOT certificate is still valid, you can take your vehicle away.

If any 'dangerous' problems are found during the MOT, you must not drive the vehicle and can risk a fine of up to £2,500, a driving ban and 3 penalty points on your driving licence if you do.

How do I get a copy of my MOT certificate?

You will be given a copy of your MOT certificate by the test centre, however if you do lose this there's a couple of ways that you can request a replacement.

Request a replacement on the Government website by simply entering your vehicle registration and the 11-digit number from your vehicle logbook (V5C).

You can also request a replacement MOT certificate at any MOT centre, even if it's not the centre where your MOT was carried out. However, this can carry a fee of £10.

Will I need to pay for an MOT retest?

Depending on the circumstance, you can be charged for an MOT retest. If your vehicle is retested within 10 working days after being repaired at the test centre, you will only need a partial retest which carries no fee.

However, if you take your vehicle away from the test centre for repairs and bring it back within 10 working days, you can be charged a partial retest fee.

What happens if I book my vehicle in for an MOT before the due date?

You can book your MOT test one month (minus a day) before the MOT is due and keep the renewal date listed on your current MOT certificate.

What is the difference between an MOT and a service?

MOT tests and services can seem quite similar, but they are different.

An MOT is an annual legal requirement by the Government on cars over three years old to ensure that your vehicle is meeting road safety and environmental standards.

However, it is only guaranteeing the safety of your car on the day that its tested, whereas a service follows recommended guidelines from the vehicle's manufacturer and can provide a long-term safety guarantee.

Bristol Street Motors Personal Service Plan

Our Personal Service Plan puts you in control of car servicing costs. The all-inclusive package covers servicing, parts, labour, and MOT for three years, with manageable monthly payments and could save you up to 25% on standard servicing costs.