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With colder weather also comes rougher driving conditions. Your vehicle’s recovery time may be slower, and fluids will need a topping up more often. So, it’s never too early to get prepared.

Discover our Winter Check packages

Our skilled technicians check your car’s tyres, brakes and steering during the vehicle check. They also inspect the oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid as well as windscreen washer levels, and top these up if needed. Drive away knowing you’re all set for winter.

  • Silver Package


    • Full vehicle check
    • Fluid top-ups
    • 2x Bosch ‘Front’ windscreen wiper blades
    • FREE Convenience Pack
  • Gold Package


    • Full vehicle check
    • Fluid top-ups
    • 2x Bosch ‘Front’ windscreen wiper blades
    • Air Conditioning detox to remove bacteria and freshen the interior
    • Fuel system detox to clean fuel lines & injectors
    • FREE Convenience Pack
  • Bronze Package


    • Full vehicle check
    • Fluid top-ups
    • FREE Convenience Pack
Convenience Pack

The Convenience Pack includes:

  • • Black Bag
  • • Travel Mug
  • • Charging cable
  • • Smartphone Gloves
  • • Screen wash
  • • Quality Ice scraper
  • • De-icer

Oil, coolant and fluids

Important fluids can run out if left unchecked. We will check the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and windscreen washer levels, and top-up if required.

Wipers, washers and lights

We will assess your wipers, washers, and lights to make sure they are performing optimally. You can drive away knowing everything is ready for winter.

Steering, brakes and suspension

Challenging environments and tough terrains can take their toll on your vehicle. We will examine the condition of your steering, brakes, suspension, and exhaust.

Vehicle Report

You will receive a report on your car, detailing any factors that may need further attention. We’ll also advise you on how to correct any issues.