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1 in 5 used car buyers 'don't test drive the vehicle'

1 in 5 used car buyers 'don't test drive the vehicle'

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

A fifth of Britons looking to buy a used vehicle do not test drive the auto before buying, research has shown.

A study by vehicle retailer Carmony.co.uk has shown that one in five people fail to give a used car the once over before making a purchase.

Meanwhile almost ten per cent said they regretted the buy soon after purchasing and 75 per cent of consumers admitted to feeling out of their depth when it comes to making the investment.

Alan Hazelhurst at Carmony.co.uk. said it is clear some Britons need help with regards to buying a vehicle.

He went on to say the used car market can be intimidating but drivers can follow tips such as always test driving a vehicle, comparing prices online and checking the dealer's credibility before committing to buy.

In recent months, consumers have been urged to look out for factors like clocking when it comes to buying a used car.