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A 'How To' Guide: The Nissan Leaf

A 'How To' Guide: The Nissan Leaf

We’ve all been in situations when we suddenly panic and think ‘how do I top up the screen wash?’ or ‘how do I open the bonnet?’.  

These questions may sound easy to answer, but they’re only easy once you know how to.

So, we've put together this ‘How To’ guide to help you figure out how to maintain and work your vehicle, so when you’re next caught out with no screen wash, you’ll be able to fix the problem in no time!

Watch How To Charge Your 2018 Nissan Leaf

It can take some time getting used to a new car, but even more so if you’ve just made the switch to an electric vehicle. Charging a vehicle is a completely new thing for drivers, and so here’s a video to show you how to charge your Nissan Leaf.

Watch How To Open The Bonnet On Your 2018 Nissan Leaf

Before even tackling any problems under the bonnet, it can just be as difficult trying to open the thing in the first place! Here’s how to open the bonnet on your Nissan Leaf. 

Watch How To Top Up The Screen Wash In Your 2018 Nissan Leaf

Now that you’re able to get under the bonnet, you need to figure out which part is which. It’s probably down to the horrible British weather, but it can be surprising how often you need to top up your screen wash. Check out how to top up the screen wash in the Nissan Leaf by watching our final ‘How To’ video!

If there are any other ‘How To’ questions you have concerning the Leaf, tweet us @bristolstmotors to let us know and we can get filming more videos to help you figure out how to work your car!

For more ‘How To’ videos on different makes and models, check out our YouTube channel!

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