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There are many ways in which drivers can avoid encountering problems while behind the wheel this winter.
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Avoid a nightmare behind the wheel this winter

Avoid a nightmare behind the wheel this winter

Drivers have been given a series of tips on how they can get their car ready so that it can avoid encountering any problems during the harsh winter months.

James Foxall, a consumer expert at the Daily Telegraph, believes that there are many ways to improve a road trip this winter. What's more, the majority of recommendations only take a few minutes to complete.

For example, Mr Foxall advised carrying a blanket so that drivers and passengers can stay warm if they find themselves stranded during the chilly weeks ahead.

Placing a collapsible shovel in the boot could also prove very handy if motorists get in a spot of bother on a country road, as the item could get cars back on the road in next to no time.

On the topic of becoming stranded, having a phone charger in the glovebox should mean that drivers always have the ability to ring for help without walking for miles in unknown territory.

Due to the temperatures very likely dipping below freezing for the majority of winter, Mr Foxall also advises motorists to carry out a few car maintenance checks.

Ensure windscreen wiper blades are not damaged and causing scratches – this could develop into a big problem when ice and frost is in the air – and top up screen wash with as concentrated a mix as possible.

The cold temperatures could also cause vehicle doors and its boot to freeze in place, but this can be solved by quickly spraying locks and mechanisms with WD40 before the harsh weather hits.

On top of this, use special sprays on the outer lining of the doors or, for a cheaper alternative, a coat of Vaseline.

Finally, check that each of the car's tyres has a tread depth of at least two millimetres – better to be safe than sorry - and conforms to the manufacturer's pressure rating. Better yet, why not invest in some winter tyres that are proven to grip to the frost- and ice-covered roads much better than standard wheels.

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