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Bristol Street Motors Brings Community Funding Boost For Elderly Activity

Bristol Street Motors Brings Community Funding Boost For Elderly Activity

Bristol Street Motors Bradford Renault, Dacia and Nissan dealerships have given a welcome boost to a weekly activity group which brings together older people in the Bradford community, with a grant.

Lidget Green Elders Group (LGEG) in the west of Bradford was chosen to receive the grant after the neighbourhood project applied to the Social Responsibility Awards, a community initiative backed by Vertu Motors plc, the Group which operates Bristol Street Motors, Vertu Honda, Vertu Toyota, Vertu Volkswagen and Farnell franchises.

The grant will help support LGEG’s wide range of activities and events which the members participate in and enjoy every week, including cook and eat sessions, gardening, drama, craft and basic computer skills workshops.

We are delighted to support the LGEG initiative

The group’s aim is to help residents in the community learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with nutritious meals through the growing and eating of their own produce, keeping in touch with family and friends online to address the issues of isolation and pass on their cultural experiences to the younger generation through short plays and poems.

The funding will help to continue the vital community links with older people in Bradford. Although established in 2009 and growing in popularity, the LGEG was closed due to the passing of the group leader and was recently brought back together following a consultation with its regular members.

Doreen Campbell, coordinator for LGEG, said: “Over 90 percent of the Lidget Green Elders Group felt that they were socially and emotionally isolated from family and friends. A group of volunteers ran a pilot scheme with a four to six-hour activity session each week, which was hugely welcomed. Now members are very keen to continue with the project to further improve their health and mental wellbeing, which had deteriorated during the group’s absence.

“With the additional grant, the group will have the opportunity to meet and work with other groups in the community and share their knowledge and experience to build lasting relationships and strengthen community links.

The Lidget Green Elders Group offers an invaluable service to the Bradford community

“We thank Bristol Street Motors for the kind donation, which will help to make a real difference in older people’s lives in Bradford.”

Andy Brown, general manager, Bristol Street Motors Bradford Nissan, said: “The Lidget Green Elders Group offers an invaluable service to the Bradford community. Through the dedication and commitment of its volunteers, the community group will continue to improve the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of the elderly to ensure they are living fulfilled lives.

“We are delighted to support the LGEG initiative and hope it continues to offer residents an opportunity to be part of something special and share in the life of the whole community.”

Vertu Motors plc is working in conjunction with New Testament Church of God (NTCG) to deliver community-based social support schemes which offer opportunities for local people to improve their wellbeing through its Social Responsibility Programme.