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No one likes to pay for maintenance of their car but here are some jobs you can do yourself to limit the costs of keeping your vehicle running as smooth as a nut!
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Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

In order to keep down maintenance costs, we have put together a few different jobs you can do to make sure your car is running properly. You may not know your spark plugs from your alternators, but this guide should give you an idea of what to do!


Tyres are essentially your vehicle's shoes and we all know what it's like wearing an uncomfortable pair of sneaks! When inspecting your tyres, you want to be looking for any cracks or gouges around the tread and sides of the tyres. If you spot a nail or screw, don't remove them because the tyre may deflate. Instead, drive carefully to your nearest dealership where the tyre can be repaired or replaced!

To visit our Tyre Shop, click here


This is super easy so don't worry if your mechanical skills are limited! Usually, under the bonnet, you'll find the windscreen washer bottle cap, which will have a washer jet symbol printed on it. The lid usually unclips but if you aren't sure, check your manual before you start pouring!
Screenwash fluid is better than water alone as it contains a detergent to remove stubborn dirt. Check to see if it needs to be diluted then fill the bottle. Job done!


Another pretty easy job - although this has the potential to get a little bit messy! Your engine needs to be cool and your car should be parked on an even surface for the most accurate results. You need to be looking out for the dipstick,  which is near the engine, usually yellow or orange. If you can't find it your car manual, or Google, is your friend here.
Once you find it, carefully remove it and wipe with a piece of kitchen roll. Pop it back in fully then remove it again. At the end of the dipstick, there are the minimum and maximum marks, where the level of oil should be sitting.
If it's below the minimum, you will need to top up your oil. Making sure to get the correct oil for your vehicle to avoid any engine catastrophes.
Remove the cap, pour in the oil, then check the depth again using the dipstick. Be sure not to overfill! 


There isn't a standard size or type for windscreen wipers so make sure you find out which ones you need for your vehicle.
Turn off your windscreen wipers if they're on (unless you feel like challenging yourself). Lift the wipers away from the windscreen gently as they are quite delicate. They will have retaining clips but they vary from vehicle to vehicle so pay close attention to how they fit. Once you've worked out how your existing blades detach, do the process in reverse to fit your shiny new wiper blades. Give them a cheeky test and away you go!


Although it may not seem quite like maintenance, removing grime, bird droppings and road salt in winter will preserve your paint and protect against potential rust. Plus who doesn't love a gleaming car?
If you aren't hands-on when it comes to washing, you can get it washed at an automatic/hand car wash, which you have to pay for. Alternatively, you can get your sponge and bucket out to give your car some TLC. Use a soft microfiber cloth to avoiding scratching your paintwork and finish with a wax and polish. Ideal!

Those are just a few things you can do yourself. For a more comprehensive service carried out by the professionals, click here and book today! Marvellous!