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Dacia is relatively new to the UK market but that has not stopped Bristol Street motors recognising the quality of its models.
Bristol Street Motors

Dacia - An introduction

Dacia - An introduction

The new Renault-owned Romanian carmaker Dacia is relatively new to the UK market but that has not stopped Bristol Street motors recognising the quality of its models.

With the "shockingly affordable" Dacia Duster leading the range, the Renault subsidiary has been carving itself a reputation for "space and quality at an unbelievable price".

While The UK production line is still up and running, the country's market is dominated by French, German and Japanese marques so the introduction of the Romanians could breathe new life into the industry.

With an export market share of ten per cent Dacia is the leading exporter of cars in its home nation and this is largely down to the quality of the Duster.

Indeed, in 2010 the model was sold to 350,000 motorists in 35 countries across the globe,

"The key to our success has been our simple formula: space and quality, at an unbelievable price," the firm explains.
According to the company, it is able to offer so much for so little by constantly striving for "ingenious design".

"Since we're all different, Dacia specifies its vehicles with the basic essentials as standard, without unwanted extras built into the cost, so that you’re able to choose the car to suit you," a Dacia spokesman added.

The brand may be little-known on these shores, but drivers looking for new car deals could be swayed by the fact that customers in Germany - a country renowned for building robust and reliable cars - recently voted Dacia its second favourite car manufacturer - ahead of its own Mercedes-Benz!

Dacia is steadily building an impressive range of models including the forthcoming release of the Sandero Hatchback, while the Duster has already being turning heads since its release.

With a raised ride height, extended wheel arches and high ground clearance, the Duster is a 4x4 that is truly happy on all terrains, be it dropping the kids off at school or getting stuck into some true off-road driving.

While other cars that can make this boast may be aggressive in their styling, the Duster is fronted by a "elegant" chrome grille and double-optic headlamps giving the model a look that is at home driving around town.

Those planning on putting the Duster's off-road credentials to the test also have the option of a few added extras including wheel arch extenders, door protectors and chrome styling bars.

"With its high ground clearance and wide approach and departure angles, Dacia Duster has impressive off-road ability," the firm says.

"Its solid structure is built to withstand the toughest terrain, both on and off-road. Yet [with] its light weight and compact size, [the] Duster is agile when conditions demand quick reactions."

With the Dacia Duster Access 1.6 16-valve option starting from £8,995 the Romanians firm has given serious food for thought for those looking to purchase a new model.

Posted by Craig Salter