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Dangers of part worn tyres highlighted to used car buyers

Dangers of part worn tyres highlighted to used car buyers

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Drivers are being warned of the dangers posed by part worn tyres after figures highlighted drivers are more likely to purchase such tyres now than they were a year ago.

A study by TyreSafe has highlighted that more than one in ten drivers is now considering investing in part worn tyres, but this could be a false economy for used car buyers looking to save money on parts.

"If part worn tyres are bought from an unreliable source or do not meet the required standards, drivers could be placing themselves and other road users in significant danger," warned chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson.

While tyres may appear damage-free on the outside, it is difficult to gauge any faults internally without using an x-ray machine, the group suggested.

Elements such as tyres are checked during routine servicing, which Vauxhall recently urged drivers not to cut back on, after findings showed a quarter of drivers put off services.