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Drivers advised to check their tyres as winter approaches

Drivers advised to check their tyres as winter approaches

With winter fast approaching, and the nights drawing in, motorists are turning their attention to adjusting their driving habits.

However, many drivers overlook the importance of the tyres on the car. Whilst driving more cautiously in cold or dark conditions is important, the tyres are the vehicle's only point of contact to the road and so it is vital for drivers to ensure the tread and rubber is in good condition.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe recently commented: "Drivers need to remember that brakes, steering and all advanced safety systems designed to help avoid accidents depend on the vehicle having a sure footing on the road  in other words, their tyres need to be in good condition.

"As we're now facing an increasing number of cold and wet days, to stay safe we need to be even more attentive to tyre maintenance. Air pressure, condition and tread depth must be checked regularly, especially if you're planning a break using a car laden with your most prized possessions  your family."

Advice to drivers includes checking and adjusting tyre pressures according to the vehicle's load before every journey and checking tyre tread depth by placing a 20p in the tyre's tread. The outer band of a 20-pence piece is 1.6mm, which is the minimum legal tread depth, and so the 20p's outer band is visible, a professional should check the tyres.

Whilst measuring the tyre's tread depth, motorists should also check that the tyre is in good condition, looking out for cracks, lumps, bumps or embedded objects that could cause the type to rupture or deflate.

by: Laura Thomson