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UK weather is always a little unpredictable and this summer has been no different! We've all enjoyed the sun but what does heat do to your car? There are a few things to look out for!
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Drivers Guide To Driving In a Heatwave

Drivers Guide To Driving In a Heatwave

Sun cream, hats, loose clothes and plenty of water�we all know what WE need during a heatwave but what about our cars? Here are some things to check when the mercury goes up!

Check your tyres

When the temperature goes up, the heat in your tyres will expand and affect the pressure, which could lead to a blowout. Heat can also cause the rubber to disintegrate so be sure to check the condition of your tyres before heading anywhere.


Keep your car hydrated!

Engine oil and coolant are essential for cooling down your engine and keeping it running under extreme conditions. Check the levels and top them up where needed.


Protect your car battery

Most car batteries are made with acid and water, the latter which will evaporate faster than the former in hot temperature, leaving you with bare lead plates. Park your car in the shade to prevent water levels from depleting.


Check your wipers in extreme conditions

Warmer weather tends to bring out more bugs and even a short journey can leave your windscreen covered! Make sure your wipers are in good condition and keep your screen wash topped up, so you can clean any bug bits away!



The sun is great but the glare is not – make sure you have a pair of sunglasses in the car to protect your retinas but try and avoid ones with blue lenses. Amber lights can look green and green lights can look ambiguous which could cause problems!


Chips/cracks in your windscreen

Intense heat and direct sunlight can make any existing damage worse, as the glass expands and contracts in the hotter temperatures. Again, park your car in the shade to protect your windscreen.


Don’t forget the drinks!

Of course, staying hydrated is super important and if you are travelling with kids, make sure you have plenty of cool drinks. You could even take a cool box with frozen treats!


Pack an emergency kit

A lot of minor car problems can be fixed with tools in an emergency kit so make sure to pack one, it could save a call for breakdown assistance!


Invest in a sunshade

Sunshades are ideal for trying to keep a car cooler, so get a sunshade for the windscreen and the back windows if you are travelling with passengers, especially little ones!


Do not leave children or pets in the car!

Self explanatory really�

So there you have it! If the weather has changed drastically again, have a look at A Driver’s Guide to Driving in Torrential Rain!