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Farnborough Airport adopts Renault ZOE shuttle vehicles

Farnborough Airport adopts Renault ZOE shuttle vehicles

Europe's leading business aviation airport has taken delivery of a fleet of three fully electric Renault ZOEs as part of its ongoing strategy to reduce its carbon footprint.

TAG Farnborough Airport  the only dedicated business aviation airport in the UK  is using the vehicles to shuttle staff between buildings, including the main control tower.

The vehicles make a contribution to the airport's continued efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the goals set out in its sustainability charter, which covers everything from waste management and energy usage to vehicle emissions.

The airport decided that the Renault ZOE was the best option, offering true zero emissions transport with no tailpipe emissions, in addition to ultra low running costs.

Miles Thomas, environment manager at TAG Farnborough Airport, said: "We monitor our carbon footprint very closely across all our services and departments, and being able to reduce the environmental impact of the staff vehicle movements across the airport was a driving factor for us.

"We looked at all the electric vehicles on the market but only the ZOE ticked all our boxes. The car offers the low running costs and zero emissions and it's also small, functional, simple and enjoyable to drive and has an impressive range.

"The reaction of our staff to the three ZOEs has been fantastic and very positive. People are enjoying driving them and we'll definitely be looking to add more EVs to our fleet as a result."

Ben Fletcher, Renault UK electric vehicle product manager, added: "Every day more and more fleet operators are discovering the benefits of Renault electric vehicles.

"The ZOE is a practical, spacious and well-equipped family car but its innovative electric technology means it can offer incredible savings in running costs and whole life costs as well as making a real impact on a business' carbon footprint."