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Ford cars get cheaper - permanently

Ford cars get cheaper - permanently

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Company car drivers looking for a new model might be swayed by a range of spring offers from Ford that are being introduced permanently.

The manufacturer may enhance its appeal to Britons looking for Ford cars by reducing its recommended list prices.

Ford has said that seasonal promotions offering buyers up to 15 per cent off certain models will now be made permanent, while company car drivers will benefit from lower tax ratings as a result of the reduced vehicle prices.

Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said the company's traditional high recommended list price, high discount approach was causing some confusion, despite having served the business well in the past.

"Today's web-savvy consumer is better equipped to shop around and we have to make it absolutely clear that our own dealers are the best place to start for the keenest deals," he added.

Under the new deals, Ford's S-MAX is now priced from £20,645, the Galaxy starts at £22,945 and the latest Mondeo retails from £17,295.

In related news, the firm unveiled its latest range of Focus models earlier this month at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.