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New Ford Fiesta's are to be fitted with state-of-the-art Active Stop Technology.
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Ford Fiesta's to come with Active Stop Technology

Ford Fiesta's to come with Active Stop Technology

Ford has announced that its new Fiestas will come equipped with state-of-the-art technology that aims to reduce the number of rear-end collisions.

The American multinational car manufacturer's Active City Stop is an innovative system that uses an intuitive light detecting and ranging sensor to scrutinise the road ahead   .

Doing this at a rate of 50 times a second, it monitors the environment in an authoritative way, helping reduce collisions at a speed of 10mph and reducing the severity of impact at 20mph.

In observing the traffic ahead, Active City Stop, automatically calculates the risk of hitting into a stationary or slow-moving object, and, cleverly, pre-charges the break system, readying the vehicle in case an accident arises.

"Urban areas are breeding grounds for low-speed accidents caused by drivers failing to notice that the car in front has stopped," commented Florian Schweter, Fiesta Active City Stop development engineer at Ford of Europe.

"High traffic volumes, lots of potential distractions and slow-moving, stop-start traffic mean Active City Stop can provide a much-needed extra eye on the road."

The technology will so some way in reducing car crashes across some of Europe's busiest cities, which results in over 500,000 injuries.

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