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Haynes warns motorists not to underestimate wintery conditions

Haynes warns motorists not to underestimate wintery conditions

Haynes has instructed drivers to ensure they carry out checks on their cars before starting a journey.

Trevor Eastman, head of technical services within Haynes' automotive team, said: "We all know that as winter sets in, dark nights, fog, rain and snow can add to the dangers of driving. In fact, 50 per cent of all reported night time road traffic accidents occur in wet conditions, and after dark a motorist is nine times more likely to be involved in an accident if it is wet. Layer in hail, sleet and snow and these are just the conditions that are likely to bring the most car breakdowns or accidents."

Haynes therefore recommends a number of top tips to drivers when they go about their winter checks this year.

These include checking headlights, cleaning the windscreen and windows, checking tyre pressures and tread depths, checking mechanical basics such as oil, antifreeze and carrying an emergency kit in the car at all times.

Haynes also proffers some driving tips, advising motorists to drive slowly, smoothly and gently. Accelerating should be gradual, steering gentle, and braking smooth.

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by: Oliver Harry