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With the UK being a relatively small island, we're often exposed to windy conditions that can be very tricky to drive in. Here are our top tips for driving in windy weather.
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How To Drive in Windy Weather

How To Drive in Windy Weather

With the UK being a relatively small island, we’re often exposed to windy conditions that can be very tricky to drive in.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you survive the drive!

1. Check For Weather Warnings

The weather can change pretty quickly, so if it looks like conditions could become dangerous, you may need to consider the necessity of your journey.  It’s always advisable to keep an eye on local news updates – and if it’s looking apocalyptic out there, then it’s probably best not to travel.

2. Keep A Firm Grip Of The Wheel

Keep both your hands on the wheel so that if you feel the wind begin to move your car, you’re ready to react and adjust your steering before you run into trouble.

3. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

The thing about the wind is that it doesn’t blow at a steady pace or from the the same direction.  It gusts and swirls, and can be very hard to predict.  Some vehicles can be exceptionally vulnerable under these conditions – buses, lorries, vans, caravans, motorcyclists and cyclists.  It’s definitely a good idea to pay close attention to them, and leave a bit of extra room – they may need it if a large gust comes along.

4. Slow Down!

Going faster does not mean you counteract the effects of the wind. You’re actually better off slowing down so that you can keep better control of your vehicle.

5. Watch Out For Falling Objects

If the wind is strong enough, it’s certainly capable of throwing around some debris that’s big enough to cause some damage!  There could be branches, litter and objects blown from other vehicles – or they could be lying in the road, so be vigilant and expect the unexpected!

6. Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Condition

If your tyres are worn you’ll struggle to keep traction on the road, or if your brakes need attention they may not be effective enough if you need to stop suddenly.  There are any number of things that would make driving more difficult if your car isn’t in tip-top condition.  That’s why it’s important to keep on top of your Servicing, and have your car looked over by qualified mechanics and technicians on a regular basis.

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