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The IAM has called in the government to work with insurers to offer discounts to young drivers taking further training.
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IAM calls on govt to incentivise young drivers

IAM calls on govt to incentivise young drivers

Young drivers could soon benefit from cheaper car insurance following recent calls by one motoring organisation.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called on the government to work with insurance firms in order to devise a way of incentivising further training.

According to the organisation, insurers should offer discounts to young drivers that take extra training sessions after passing their tests.

The call comes as the government prepares to publish the Transport Select Committee's report on the cost of motor insurance.

Simon Best, the IAM chief executive, said: "The simplest way to reduce insurance premiums is to prevent accidents. This is especially true for young male drivers who are most at risk of being involved in an accident. We need to start rewarding good drivers by encouraging further driver training through cheaper insurance.

"Pass Plus no longer provides a respected or effective training offering. The government, insurance and road safety industries need to work closely together to develop a better, universally recognised option."

The IAM also said that reviewing the driving test, to ensure it is still fit for purpose, would help reduce the number of accidents on UK roads.

Posted by Craig Salter