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According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) the new year should see a lot of people make resolutions to become better drivers.
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IAM offers tips to those making driving resolutions

IAM offers tips to those making driving resolutions

While quitting bad habits, getting into shape and losing weight are among the most popular resolutions made, the IAM has urged Brits to think about improving their driving skills.

Simon Elstow, the organisation's head of training, has published a list of basic principles that drivers should adhere to in order to ensure they are safe in the road.

Motorists have been reminded to observe what is happening ahead of them in order to give them more time to react.

Mr Elstow also implored drivers to anticipate hazards and make sure they have enough space between themselves and other road users.

"The new year is a common time for people to sit back, reflect and revaluate," he commented.

"Why not begin by making changes to your driving to make you safer on the road in 2012?"

Other handy tips include regular breaks for drivers on long journeys, using all mirrors and to be open minded and learn from mistakes.

Posted by Craig Salter