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In the Spotlight: Peugeot 508 First Edition

In the Spotlight: Peugeot 508 First Edition

The opening days of the Geneva Motor Show are all about big announcements and grand reveals from some of the biggest and best automotive manufacturers in the World. It’s never short of a few surprises sees brands compete to make the most noise at their stall; it’s fair to say though, that his year, Peugeot have conquered all! The reveal of the Peugeot 508 First Edition has caused a stir for all the right reasons and in this article, we’re looking at just what makes this radical fastback so special!

Let’s get you acquainted�

The ‘First Edition’ of the 508 will see a limited run of just 200 releases, making them rather rare and very personal. It sees added luxury to the standard 508, with cutting edge technology and a premium GT finish.

The looks�


They say ‘A picture paints a thousand words’� and with the 508, every single one of those words is ‘beautiful’. The stunning looks is nothing short of breathtaking, but it’s not just a soft touch. Very few cars will rival the First Edition for its pressing stance on the road; its menacing grill and sporty cues make this a Peugeot like no other. It’s an executive saloon that remains calm during the weekday commutes, but can let-loose at the weekends.


The phrase ‘head-turner’ is often so overused in car reviews that it borderlines cliche, but the beauty of the First Edition resonates at every angle, and so its the kind of car you won’t mind overtaking you on the road just to get a better look!


Distinctive in detail


The First Edition is a sedan quilted in luxury, leaving the likes of Audi’s A4, BMW’s 3 series and Volkswagen’s Arteon quaking in their boots. The wooden centre console is a work of art, truly detailing the efforts and attention to detail that fuels this car - Peugeot say the 508 is built on emotion, and that is clearly the case with this very special sportback. The First Edition’s ‘coupe’ association is defined by its frameless windows and slick roof line.


We can’t wait to see what more the Peugeot 508 First Edition has to offer.