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The Nissan Ariya has been revealed and it marks a new chapter for Nissan and its electric range.
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Introducing Nissan's All-Electric Coupe Crossover: The Nissan Ariya

Introducing Nissan's All-Electric Coupe Crossover: The Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya has been revealed and it marks a new chapter for Nissan and its electric range.

The Ariya is the brand’s first all-electric coupe crossover and it delivers a powerful, yet smooth performance, offering a welcoming interior to give a home-from-home feel for all passengers. With a range of approximately 310 miles, the Ariya is ideal for long and short journeys, eradicating range anxiety and providing ample miles to go wherever you want to go.

Ashwani Gupta, Director of Nissan, said: “The Nissan Ariya is a truly beautiful and remarkable car. It enables you to go further, easier and in comfort. The Ariya is designed to impress, and to express what Nissan strives for – making our customers’ lives better.”

Designed to reflect Nissan’s new electric identity, this electric coupe crossover features an enhanced platform package and advanced vehicle AI technology, which will come as standard in future models produced by Nissan.

Let’s take a closer look at what the New Nissan Ariya has to offer.

Design:a completely reimagined appearance”

The Exterior

Aesthetically, the Nissan Ariya epitomises the brand’s new design philosophy: Timeless Japanese Futurism.

The unique style and advanced technology features complement each other and create a sleek, sharp and seamless exterior design, establishing the future of automotive design.

Giovanny Arroba, Senior Design Director, explained: “The Ariya’s exterior proportions show what’s possible with Nissan’s 100% electric-vehicle platform. The surprisingly short overhangs, aggressive roofline and large wheels provide an elegant appearance that flawlessly balances sport and luxury.”


From the front, the grille has been redesigned to form a seamless shield to signify the new EV era and is complemented by the headlight design, which produces a striking new look. The grille features a Japanese kumiko pattern, which increases protection of equipment used for ProPILOT functions and Intelligent Key detection, without compromising on the tech’s performance.

Placed in the centre of the front grille, the iconic emblem of Nissan has been remastered and is made up of 20 LEDs to signal the move towards a new electric future, whilst staying true to the company’s heritage. Illuminating when you turn the ignition, this new logo design beams the new direction for Nissan.


The back of the vehicle is just as striking and features a one-piece light blade, sweeping cleanly across the width of the rear. Designers engineered the rear light to create a blackout effect when the vehicle was not in use, but when the engine starts, the red illumination shines bright.    


There are six two-tone exterior colour combinations to choose from, each featuring a black roof to increase the boldness of the Ariya. The Akatsuki option, which is the copper and black combination, is said to reflect “the moment before dawn”, expressing connotations of the moment before the dawn of electric vehicles – resembling the dawn of a new automotive era.  

The Interior

The interior cabin of the New Nissan Ariya is said to reflect “a sleek cafe lounge on a starship” and not only optimises comfort, but it also brings a home-from-home feel to the driver’s experience.

“The interior of the Ariya is a pleasant ‘living space’ for the driver and occupants to enjoy while experiencing the theatre of traveling to familiar and new destinations,” Arroba said. “The materials throughout the interior were carefully selected to avoid the overly traditional feel of some luxury vehicles, while giving an impression of premium futurism in technology and utility.”


Futuristic, yet modernised, the designers have been able to create more space within the Ariya thanks to the new EV platform. The location of the electric battery at the base of the chassis has meant the floor can be flat, and this combined with the zero gravity, slim-line seats, means passengers can enjoy more legroom and headroom.

Nissan has used sound-absorbing materials, too, to generate an even more lounge-like environment, to provide a stress-free and relaxing experience. This goes hand-in-hand with the quietness of an EV drivetrain to eliminate any outside noise for ultimate relaxation.

The dashboard has been seamlessly installed and transitions into the doors for a clean finish. Fully digitalised, the touchscreen design offers a technical, yet luxury feel and is easy to use and navigate.    


Also featuring a spacious boot, centre storage box and a fold out tray, the Ariya is practical to make every day journeys easier.   

Range and Performance

Staying true to Nissan’s heritage of providing ‘fun-to-drive’ vehicles, the Ariya offers an exciting and one-of-a-kind driving experience.

It has the ability to travel up to 310 miles on a single charge and can be plugged in on the go or at home, and is compatible with rapid charging points for a quick burst of power. Depending on the model you choose, depends on the battery size, and ranges from the 63kWh two-wheel drive model to the e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance model.


Makoto Fukuda, development chief product specialist of the Ariya, stated: “There is often talk about EVs and their 0-to-62mph time, but actually it’s easy for EVs to achieve good acceleration times. The Ariya is also fast in a straight line, but it provides maximum, usable performance in a wide range of driving conditions such as on a snowy mountain road or on wet city streets.”

There are 3 driving modes as standard (Standard, Sport and Eco) and the e-4ORCE models offer a snow mode, too. This enables you to pick the right mode to suit your surroundings for a more controlled and precise driving experience.

E-4ORCE is an advanced all-wheel drive system developed by Nissan to optimise power and performance. Ryozo Hiraku, expert leader of Nissan’s powertrain and EV engineering division, said: “By taking advantage of e-4ORCE’s precise motor control response, we’re able to control vehicle motion as soon as the brakes are applied, giving all occupants – especially passengers – a stable, smooth ride.”


Equipped with the most advanced technology to date, including autonomous driving features and voice personal assistance, the New Nissan Ariya will help enhance your confidence on the road.


ProPILOT with Navi-link was first introduced in the Nissan Leaf and can adjust speed to offer a smooth and safer ride. The ProPILOT system also helps with parking and will guide you into an available space without any hassle.

In addition to this, the Ariya features an array of advanced technology to improve your overall driving experience, including e-pedal and 360-degree safety features, which includes Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking Technology, and the signature Nissan Safety Shield.

Take a closer look at the New Nissan Ariya

Dynamic, intelligent and super stylish, the New Nissan Ariya truly depicts the future of the automotive industry.

Ashwani Gupta concluded: “The Ariya enhances driving excitement, ensures high levels of comfort and confidence and heightens the joy of connecting. It’s more than just a great EV crossover, it’s a great vehicle. It’s a true force of wonder, and it’s coming soon.”

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Stay tuned for further updates on when the New Nissan Ariya will be going on sale.