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UK drivers are set to benefit from changes to the way they are taught.
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Learner drivers to be taught on motorways

Learner drivers to be taught on motorways

British drivers are to be given a boost with regard to starting their driving careers with more confidence.

A recently-announced change in the regulations means that learner drivers will be able to practise on motorways as of next year.

According to road safety minister Mike Penning, the move will give drivers more confidence.

Currently, learner drivers are largely restricted to lesson being conducted in residential areas and dual carriageways, but Mr Penning believes a more comprehensive learning experience is called for.

In a speech at the Institute of Advanced Motoring, the minister claimed that current rules mean learners are merely taught how to pass the driving test, rather than how to be a good driver.

Ultimately he claimed that giving learners motorway experience before they pass their test will lead to drivers being safer when out on the roads.

"I will allow driving instructors to teach on the motorway before their test," he commented.

Posted by Craig Salter