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Mazda celebrates 10th anniversary of Digital Service Record system

Mazda celebrates 10th anniversary of Digital Service Record system

Mazda is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its industry-leading Digital Service Record system.

Launched in 2005, the DSR was the first of it's kind on the UK car market and saw the abolishment of the traditional paper service books, in favour of a central, digitalised record system, which was accessible to mechanics at Mazda dealerships or Mazda approved garages.

Despite scepticism when it was first released, the DSR system has provided both mechanics and Mazda owners a number of benefits that weren't possible with the paper book. Lost or falsified service books are a thing of the past, and the service history on any Mazda can now be pulled up on demand at any Mazda dealership across Europe.

The system also boosts the cars' residual values by ensuring every pre-owned Mazda comes with official and credible evidence that it's been maintained and repaired consistently.

Aftersales Director at Mazda Motors UK, David Wilson-Green commented: "Mazda led the way with the introduction of Digital Service Record, it was the first system of its kind and now pretty much every other manufacturer has or is working on a solution. However, Mazda's Defy Convention approach has ensured that our customers and dealers have been benefiting from the reassurance and simplicity of DSR for a decade."

First introduced in September 2005 on the Mazda5, and October 2005 on the MX-5, the system was rolled out to the entire Mazda range by early 2006, including vehicles dating back to 1998. In the last ten years, over 400,000 cars have been added to the Mazda Digital Service Record system in the UK, with 1,026,724 services recorded, 710,000 service reminders sent and 330,000 missed service notifications distributed.