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The UK summer may have been a wash out so far, but motorists should still be prepared when driving during the warmer months.
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Motorists urged to prepare for summer months

Motorists urged to prepare for summer months

The summer season has been bitterly disappointing thus far, with one or two days of sun blighted by endless weeks of rain and wind.

That said, the warmer months bring a series of risks and challenges for UK motorists, who have been urged to get their cars "summer-ready".

Roadside recovery specialist GEM has published a list of tips that drivers should look to adhere to in order to ensure their safety when out on the road.

While many Brits will be looking to tone their bodies for the summer, GEM has urged car owners to put their motor's on a diet, saying that a light car is an economical car and as such any excess weight should be lost, perhaps by clearing out the boot.

Other tips include making sure all mirrors are kept clean for maximum visibility, while special attention should be paid to keeping a car hydrated.

GEM advised motorists to carry out oil, windscreen washer and brake fluid checks at regular intervals during the summer season.

David Williams MBE, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, said: "It is imperative that drivers look after their cars this summer to ensure they run smoothly throughout the holiday season.

"With lots of people opting to drive to a UK holiday destination, or to drive through Europe, it is so important to be fully prepared for the journey. We all want our summer holidays to be memorable for the right reasons."

Aside from looking after the car, there are a number of other things holiday makers should ensure they have done before heading off, such as packing all the essentials.

Sun cream, sunglasses, and drinking water are the obvious inclusions, but a torch, high-visibility jacket and hazard triangle should also be included � just in case.

Posted by Craig Salter