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'New cars could mean greener holidays for Brits'

'New cars could mean greener holidays for Brits'

Posted by Craig Salter

Drivers have been issued with a number of tips that could help them become greener this spring.

Motorists considering a vacation during the school breaks in spring and summer might want to think about how travelling abroad affects their carbon footprint and take a trip at home with their new car instead.

Earlier this year, holiday operator Haven called on Britons to take a staycation and explore attractions at home such as historical sites and beautiful beaches.

TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk suggests drivers can avoid motorway crawls by choosing nearby destinations and travelling light, which could also help consumers save on fuel costs.

Meanwhile, drivers who invested in a new car under the scrappage scheme could find their vehicle's start/stop system perfect for the traffic on motorways and rest easy knowing their CO2 emissions will be lowered through the device.

The website suggests that the case for selecting a low emission vehicle has become even more compelling with the introduction of road tax reforms and a rise in fuel duty.