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The new Honda Civic had the safety of those inside and outside of the car in mind when being developed, the firm has explained.
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New Honda Civic focuses on safety

New Honda Civic focuses on safety

The new Honda Civic has been built with safety at the core of the firm's focus.

That is according to Mitsuru Kariya, the Japanese company's Civic development leader, who claimed that the new model is safer both for those inside the vehicle and those on the outside.

"Honda has a high tech crash test facility in Tochigi, Japan. There we were able to crash the new Civic into vehicles of different weights and sizes, and at different angles and speeds," he commented.

"We wanted to make sure that we are offering the best 'real world' safety for our customers."

As such, the new model will benefit from a special pedestrian detection system.

Julian Warren, senior safety engineer at the firm, explained that the system means that Honda is leading the way in pedestrian safety - something which is a result of a constant focus on improving the Civic's all-round safety.

Posted by Craig Salter