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Seven new Mazda MX-5 cars are being released next month, coming complete with a fresh design and additional safety features over previous models.
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New Mazda MX-5 models to pack much more value for money

New Mazda MX-5 models to pack much more value for money

Seven new varieties of the well-loved Mazda MX-5 are forthcoming, presenting drivers with much more kit than previous models.

The original Mazda MX-5 has proven itself a big hit in the motoring industry since its launch, highlighted by the fact that it was voted Auto Express' Best Roadster for six years in a row.

Rather than try and go back to the drawing board with new additions to the MX-5 family, the Japanese car maker has chosen to enhance what motorists receive from their investment.

Peter Allibon, sales director of Mazda UK, explained: "When developing the upgraded Mazda MX-5, Mazda's designers were determined to make the revised roadster even better looking and even more fun to drive.

"An aggressive new front grille and new bumper design with a bold chin spoiler creates a deeper and wider look that also improves aerodynamics by reducing drag around the fog lamp and over the front tyres."

As well as giving the 2.0-litre MX-5 Sport Tech Nav models a style overhaul over older cars in the range, Mazda has announced that each of the seven new vehicles will be installed with integrated satellite navigation as standard.

Safety has not been ignored with the new MX-5 vehicles either. The models are the first by Mazda to be fitted with the company's newly-developed active bonnet system.

With this feature, the trailing edge of the bonnet will instantly 'pop up' if a collision with a pedestrian is detected. This leads to an increased crumple zone, which significantly reduces the severity of injuries.

Drivers and passengers of the new MX-5 models are also presented with side airbags to increase safety while on the road, as well as a climate control air-conditioning system to enhance comfort substantially.

Mr Allibon summed up: "The Mazda MX-5 enjoys incredible popularity in Britain and now the 'Upgraded' range offers an even more rewarding sportscar ownership experience, while remaining unrivalled as an exhilarating drive that can also be used everyday."

The seven new Mazda MX-5 models are released across the UK on December 1st.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg