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New Mokka campaign appeal to the quirks of family life

New Mokka campaign appeal to the quirks of family life

Vauxhall has launched a new campaign to promote its Mokka family car.

The campaign recreates relatable situations that families often find themselves in, whilst showcasing the practicality of the subcompact crossover SUV.

Entitled 'Mokka. Life Ready', the 40 second ad shows off a number of the cars features that often prove helpful, such as the adaptive forward lighting, and integrated bike rack.

Filmed entirely in Britain, the video illustrates the UK's diverse environment, from the stunning Honister pass to the suburbs of Manchester. Narration is provided by Games Of Thrones star Iain Glen, and the sound of the campaign is attributed to the carefree, bluesy track 'Be Brave' by The Strange Boys.

Chris Hawken, Director of Brand Marketing commented on the campaign: "The 'Mokka. Life Ready' campaign encapsulates how Vauxhall fits in with family life and not the other way around. We were adamant to get something that truly celebrates the unique nuances of British life; as well as Vauxhall's distinct and innovative solutions to them. We've produced something different from the average car ad which snakes around a mountain and drives into the sunset with some chiseled character at the wheel. Instead, Vauxhall is presenting something much more realistic and relatable such as rescuing your old dad as he wheezes up a hill on a bike in his mid-life crisis!"

Vauxhall's Mokka combines sporty handling with the road presence an SUV. On the road prices for the Mokka range start at £16,474.

The campaign will be rolled-out across TV and cinema screens and online. Check it out here:

by: Laura Thomson