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New road signs are put in place to protect more UK wildlife.
Bristol Street Motors

New Road Signs Implemented To Protect UK Wildlife

New Road Signs Implemented To Protect UK Wildlife

New road signs have been introduced to warn drivers of potential wildlife hazards.

The signs, which feature a hedgehog graphic, will be located in areas that have been identified as hotspots for wildlife inhabitants, such as badgers and hedgehogs.  

In the UK, there has been a decline in hedgehog population from 30 million in the 1950’s to just 1 million today.

These new road signs have been implemented to enhance awareness and improve the safety for British wildlife and drivers.

According to the Department of Transport, there were 100 people killed and an extra 14,173 injured between 2005 and 2017, due to animals being in the road.

Therefore, The Department of Transport have said that these signs are "filling a gap” between existing signs that forewarn drivers about smaller animals, such as toads, to protect a wider variety of species’ and the welfare of drivers.

Here at Bristol Street Motors, we believe that this is a drive in the right direction to enhance awareness, protect UK wildlife and prevent any harm coming to you as a driver.

And after all, hedgehogs are the ‘King of the Road’ and taught us all a lot about road safety, so we definitely owe them something.

Image Credit: The Department of Transport