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The Leaf battery will outlive the vehicle, but what happens to it after?
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Nissan Leaf Batteries Will Power More Than Just The Cars

Nissan Leaf Batteries Will Power More Than Just The Cars

One of Nissan’s main priorities, since the launch of the Leaf, has been focused on what to do with the batteries after they have served their purpose in the cars.

It has been announced that the Nissan Leaf battery will outlive the vehicle.

Therefore, they are eager to have more ideas in place on how to reuse the batteries.

Already in the UK, Nissan Energy Solar are reusing the Leaf batteries to combine solar panels with battery storage to provide solar power for houses.

nissan leaf power store

On an international scale, the 4R Energy Corporation, which is a company founded by Nissan and Sumitomo, are working on a project to power street lights with EV batteries, with the overall goal to take street lamps totally off the grid.

From powering electric charging stations, to contributing to the energy supply of stadiums and industrial plants, Nissan have shown how important it is to find solutions to reuse EV batteries, and have shown us the endless possibilities that can be put in place to reuse the batteries.  

It can impact society on a small or a large scale, helping the demand put on the grid.

Originally, Nissan aimed for the battery to keep 70% of its initial capacity after 10 years.

nissan leaf charging

However, even if the battery capacity was less than 40%, it would still be able to be part of a power supply for a large-scale energy system.

However, there are still questions that need to be investigated first, like whether or not it would be worth recycling batteries with a very low power, rather than trying to reuse them.

Either way, the work Nissan are doing to provide solutions to used EV batteries is something that should be commended and followed.

And, it also shows that even when batteries are completely drained of all life, they can still be recycled.

As the demand for electric vehicles grow, greener ways to dispose and reuse batteries are being found.

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