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Nissan has recently unveiled three all-electric concept cars. Innovative. Futuristic. Economical. They tick all the right boxes.
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Nissan Unveils Trio of Innovative All-Electric Concept Vehicles

Nissan Unveils Trio of Innovative All-Electric Concept Vehicles

  • Nissan has introduced three all-electric concept cars ahead of the Japan Mobility Show.
  • Meet the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Concept 20-23.
  • The vehicles will be digitally displayed at the event to showcase their innovative design and technology.
  • Each concept demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to a safer and more sustainable future of driving.


Nissan has recently unveiled three all-electric concept cars. Innovative. Futuristic. Economical. They tick all the right boxes.

Each concept is unique and offers its own set of attributes to cater to various individual preferences. They will assist drivers in making better environmental choices without compromising on style or fun.

Continue reading to discover more about these forward-thinking models.

Nissan Hyper Urban

Nissan Hyper Adventure

The first model to be revealed was the Nissan Hyper Urban concept.

Designed for urban and suburban professionals who really care about the environment. This car showcases a sleek and modern style. It has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into the lives of its target audience.

With innovative V2H technology, it can power your home, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, it features V2G technology. This will allow you to contribute excess power to the grid, benefiting both your community and your wallet. It’s a true win-win!

The car is built with longevity in mind. With regular hardware and software updates, things will always stay fresh. You can even update the instrument panel in line with the latest technology and trends.

Its lime-yellow body colour shifts with changing light conditions, while scissor doors add an extra touch of style. With its sporty, aerodynamic design and substantial tyres, it exudes a rugged yet sophisticated aura.

Inside the car, the focus is on seamlessly blending with urban living spaces. The instrument panel and display can be customised to match your mood, and the front seats can be folded down to create a truly relaxing space.

Hyper Adventure

Nissan Hyper Urban

The next concept to be revealed was the Hyper Adventure model.

It’s an SUV designed for individuals who are passionate about the outdoors and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

It's the perfect companion for adventure. Equipped with Intelligent V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology and a large-capacity battery. Charge gadgets or light up campsites with just a flick of a switch. Similar to the Hyper Urban, this vehicle features technology capable of powering homes (V2H) or supplying excess energy to the grid (V2G).

Nissan’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel-control system ensures stability on the most testing terrains. Whether navigating muddy trails or conquering icy mountains, you can be confident of arriving safely – and always in style.

The exterior design commands attention, with its distinctive lines and body creases. These also serve to redirect airflow to enhance aerodynamics.

Inside, comfort is a top priority, with ample space for all passengers. Plus, there is room for various outdoor equipment, such as skis or kayaks in the impressive cargo space. A clever rear bench also creates a comfortable seating area, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Concept 20-23

Nissan Concept 2023

The final vehicle to be revealed was the Concept 20-23.

This sporty urban electric concept was unveiled by Nissan’s President and CEO, Makoto Uchida.

The grand reveal took place on a floating barge outside Nissan Design Europe, along the Paddington Basin stretch of the Grand Union Canal. This location has served as a significant source of inspiration for the vehicle’s design, so it seemed a fitting opportunity.

The designers of Concept 20-23 were tasked with creating a vehicle they would enjoy driving in the city where they work.

The name signifies:

  • 20 years of the Nissan Design Europe’s presence in London.
  • The incorporation of the company’s traditional numbers 2 (ni) 3 (san).
  • The current year.

This vehicle is a sporty three-door hatchback that takes inspiration from the world of online racing and Formula E.

It features a unique appearance with aerodynamic elements to enhance performance and aesthetics. The LED headlights introduce a playful touch with a thin upper and lower semi-circle, accentuated by a sharp beam. Extended wheel arches, along with large, low-profile tyres, exude a muscular presence. Rear vented louvres contribute to reducing air resistance in the wheel bay too.

Two scissor doors which hinge upwards set the vehicle even further apart from conventional cars and add an extra touch of flair.

While limited details have been disclosed regarding the interior, one thing is for sure. You can expect something that mirrors the sporty exterior styling of the Concept 20-23.

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