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Nissan's Micra takes city driving to another level

02/07/2014 15:58

Nissan's Micra takes city driving to another levelNissan's Micra takes city driving to another level

The iconic Micra is one of Nissan's bestselling cars and it is easy to see why – it is chic, dependable and very affordable.

This latest edition takes everything that is good about the model and gives it a 21st century edge.

Delivering extraordinary fuel economy, more space and lower emissions, the Micra is a smart investment for drivers looking for a reliable city car.

The design is less "rounded" than earlier versions, with the most recent revamp presenting a much sharper look, as if it has suddenly acquired a new and confident attitude.

Although it is equipped with a 1.2-litre engine, modest when compared to bigger cars, you wouldn't know it – it feels like it has a lot of power beneath the bonnet.

The interior of the car is surprisingly chic, with Nissan investing heavily in an ambitious aesthetic that gives the Micra a deluxe feel.

This helps to make this very practical vehicle an exciting edge, which is a characteristic that has grown in prominence since it first launched in 1982.

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