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The electric revolution for professionals has already started. The PEUGEOT brand is now offering a range of 100% electric vans. Read on to learn more.
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PEUGEOT Fully Electric Vans

PEUGEOT Fully Electric Vans

The electric revolution for professionals has already started. The PEUGEOT brand is now offering a range of 100% electric vans.

PEUGEOT's electric vans retain 100% of the functionality of conventional petrol and diesel versions, but generate zero noise, zero vibration, zero emissions, and zero odour. This is enough to radically change the lives of users and their surroundings.

With this complete range of 100% electric vans, one of the very first on the market, PEUGEOT is aiming to offer a new level of peace of mind to professionals and to reduce traditional forms of pollution, at a time when current social trends are calling for more and more commercial vehicles in urban areas.

100% Electric Vehicles

The entire PEUGEOT utility vehicle range has now gone electric, with the e-PARTNER, e-Expert, and e-BOXER vans available for all-electric duties.

The distinctive feature of all PEUGEOT electric vans is that they make no compromise in terms of useful volume or practicality compared with petrol or diesel versions - while offering all the advantages of the electric engine. Expect lower running costs, ease of driving, immediate throttle response, high torque, and an absence of noise, vibrations, odours, and emissions.

The PEUGEOT e-PARTNER took the What Van ‘Electric Van of the Year’ Award for 2022, while the PEUGEOT e-Expert was awarded the ‘Medium Van of the Year’ title.

In addition to these 100% battery-electric vehicles, PEUGEOT will also launch production of its first fuel cell electric van, the e-EXPERT HYDROGEN in 2022. By doing this the brand will be extending its offer to the most advanced electrification technologies.

PEUGEOT has launched a major international communication campaign to celebrate entrepreneurs and craftsmen. They are featured in a film showing them on a happy and peaceful working day, made possible by PEUGEOT's three zero-emission electric vans: e-PARTNER, e-EXPERT and e-BOXER.

The international campaign will bear the new "For the Day Ahead" signature of the PEUGEOT Professional van range and will be based on a video which showcases the logos of PEUGEOT's electric van users in the city.

Linda Jackson, Managing Director of the PEUGEOT brand, said: "PEUGEOT is committed to being the leading player in the change and transformation of the business sector to pure electric. Obviously, the cost of use is a very strong argument for users, but we are also demonstrating that electric commercial vehicles are a pleasure to drive: for their driver, who opens up to a new, soothing driving experience, and for everyone around them, who benefits from a peaceful environment, devoid of both noise and smell".

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