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Peugeot puts its future on show at Paris

Peugeot puts its future on show at Paris

Peugeot has revealed its plans for the Paris Motor Show which takes place next week.

The French car brand is giving top billing to the new 208 at the Paris Motor Show. It will also be displaying the Onyx Concept Car, 301 and the 2008 Concept.

There will be no fewer than ten 208 models on the Peugeot stand. A "special 208" model will also be premiered in Paris, designed to take driver comfort to the highest level.

The 'City Park function' will also be unveiled on this special edition 208, putting technology into everyday use with its segment-leading equipment. The driver simply has to select the manoeuvre on the touchscreen and the car will park itself.

Once the sensors have detected a suitable space, the City Park offers to 'take over' the steering, while the driver remains in control of the acceleration, braking and gear of the vehicle.

Peugeot aims, with the launch of its Connect Apps on the 208, to confirm its lead in the field of mobility services. They offer the user an unparalleled 'connected' experience: the ten applications make the driver's everyday life easier by indicating the price of fuel at service stations, the spaces available in car parks and more.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, the 208 XY and 208 GTi Concept cars were unveiled and now in Paris both models are confirmed for production and on display in their definitive livery, six months before their commercial launches.

by: Rebecca Chaplin