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Renault ZOE scores high at the ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally

Renault ZOE scores high at the ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally

Following its victory last year, the Renault ZOE claimed the top four places in this year's ZENN (zero emissions, zero noise) Monte-Carlo Rally.

In its second appearance in the prestigious international competition, Renault's electric ZOE led the field in the overall standings of the ZENN Rally, claiming the top four places of the race and taking first in the consumption standings as well as first in the regularity results.

With eight racing zones punctuated with five regularity tests in this year's ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally, the competitors drove a total of 130 miles in more than seven hours.

Renault entered four teams, including a press car and a blogger car, alongside a team of individuals who also took part in the rally on an individual initiative. At the end of the two-day race, the five ZOE cars finished in first, second, third, fourth and seventh place.

Renault said it is delighted to see that the electric hatchback has brought it every chance of competing strongly in an event as demanding as the ZENN Rally.

With some 22,000 registrations worldwide since launch, the Renault ZOE adventure continues.

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert