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Safe tyres a priority for used car drivers this Easter?

Safe tyres a priority for used car drivers this Easter?

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg

Britons hoping to avoid delays this bank holiday weekend might want to make sure their tyres are fit for driving.

Used car drivers would be wise to carry out checks before embarking on Easter journeys, such as ensuring tyre pressure is at correct levels and tyre tread has not dropped below the legal minimum.

Tyre distribution network Protyre is urging families to protect their safety by carrying out the short exams and is also offering free checks for drivers this Easter.

"It's easy to forget to check your tyres with all the distractions of an Easter getaway, but they are critical to the safety of your vehicle," warned Simon Hiorns, retail director at Protyre.

Used car owners might also want to be aware of the increased number of potholes on the road following the freezing winter.

Earlier this year, organisation TyreSafe warned motorists of the dangers potholes can present to vehicles' suspension systems.