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It's a great day for electric vehicle projects as the government pump £40 million into 12 projects to increase electric chargepoint infrastructure in the UK.
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The Government Gives £40m To Electric Vehicle Projects

The Government Gives £40m To Electric Vehicle Projects

Nearly £40 million has been given to a number of electric vehicle projects by the government to increase chargepoint services around the UK, and it’s definitely sparked positivity in the automotive industry.

The proposal brings to light the increased demand for electric vehicles, emphasising the change in drivers’ mindsets concerning electric cars. According to The Department of Transport there has been a 60% increase in electric vehicle registration since 2018, highlighting the prominence and desirability of electric vehicles.

There are twelve projects that will receive government funding, including Urban Foresight, who will use their 3 million pounds to produce ‘pop-up’ chargers, which will provide a safe and low-cost charging solution for drivers who cannot access off street parking. Furthermore, Char.gy plan to invest their funds into wireless charging points to eradicate trailing cables, creating more efficient and effective ways to charge electric vehicles.

The Future of Mobility Minister, MP Michael Ellis, explains how the £40m funding will ensure that charging infrastructure for electric vehicles “is reliable and innovative” and will hopefully encourage “more people to join the record numbers of ultra-low emission vehicle users already on UK roads.”

This is yet another milestone that we at Bristol Street Motors are proud to see. Not only does this allow for new innovations to take place, it’s encouraging all of us to rethink how we can contribute to a much greener planet - something David Attenborough would be extremely proud of!


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Image Credit: City A.M.