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Things That Can Affect The Value of Your Car

Things That Can Affect The Value of Your Car

For those who have bought more than one car in their lifetime, you will know it can be tricky to retain the value of your vehicle. Here are some factors to consider!

Mileage - The average annual mileage is roughly around 12,000 - 15,000. Anything below is generally considered 'low mileage' and anything over is classed as 'high mileage'


Service History - Regular servicing and record keeping will put you in good stead when it comes to selling your car. The next prospective owner will welcome a recorded history of the work carried out on the car, rather than relying on word of mouth.


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Reputation of the Car - Manufacturer, model and year are all things that are taken into consideration when people are looking to buy a car. 


Modifications - Although it's great to personalise your vehicle, modifications can have a negative impact on the value of the car as insurance tends to be a lot more straightforward without any modifications, 


Colour -  Unsurprisingly, many people have an idea of what colour vehicle they would like to drive so it the car is a bit unusual, that may have a positive or negative effect depending on the demand.


Condition of the Car - Damage to the interior, exterior or engine will, understandably, have a negative impact on the value of the car, as will things like cigarette smells, vaping damage and pet hair. 


This list is certainly not exhaustive but hopefully, it will give you a bit of insight of what to avoid in order to try and retain some value of your car!