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Take a closer look at the Cupra Ateca in these amazing photos...!
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Up Close and Personal with the Cupra Ateca

Up Close and Personal with the Cupra Ateca


Let's take a closer look at some of the gorgeous design and features of the Cupra Ateca!


Cupra Ateca steering wheel


The Cupra Ateca boasts the R-EPS or Rack Electric Power System with progressive steering. These systems are capable of steering SUVs to full size trucks, so it's fair to say the handling is solid. Plus it's sleek design make for better gripping and a more comfortable drive!


Cupra Ateca wing mirror


The exterior mirrors don't come in matching colours to the body work, avaible in either glossy black or carbon fibre. Very chic.


Cupra Ateca headlight


These rather clever lights automatically adjust the beam direction, according to factors like load in the car, and acceleration and braking. This means no more blinding oncoming traffic at night so it is a great safety precaution!



Cupra Ateca badge


Not only can you get the Cupra Ateca in a variation of very cool colours, you also have the choice to add optional bucket seats. On top of that, the car has a parking assist so you can get in the mosy awkward of spots, and a 360 degree camera view, to help you get out of them! 


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