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Used car buyers 'could save on fuel costs by checking tyres'

Used car buyers 'could save on fuel costs by checking tyres'

Posted by Craig Salter

Motorists looking to save money amid news of staggered rises in fuel costs might want to take note of some advice issued by fast fit retail network HiQ.

Used car buyers could find their fuel costs are not as high if they conduct regular checks on their tyres to make sure they are not under or over-inflated, which can cause the car to use more fuel.

Findings by HiQ have shown that 18 per cent of motorists never check their tyres, while 27 per cent of drivers do so only once in six months.

Additionally, used car drivers might want to consider the type of wheel they have fitted, as switching to an alternative like a Goodyear EfficientGrip tyre would see fuel economy rise by almost two per cent.

"According to TyreSafe, of which HiQ are members, under inflated tyres are costing motorists over £2 billion in fuel worldwide and releasing 5.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses," commented HiQ's marketing manager Geraldine McGovern.

Meanwhile, motorists have been urged to check their tyres ahead of the bank holiday getaway to avoid delays or problems caused by faulty wheels.