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Used car buyers putting off essential servicing?

Used car buyers putting off essential servicing?

Posted by Craig Salter

More than a quarter of drivers put off having their car serviced for as long as possible, a study has shown.

Used car buyers may be among the 27 per cent of consumers who admitted to putting off the essential task in a survey by auto manufacturer Vauxhall.

The activity was third only to DIY and exercising and first and second place, with 42 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.

Andrew Curley, Vauxhall service channel and aftersales CRM manager, said the figures relating to car servicing were of particular concern.

"Putting off servicing may seem like a good idea in the short term but it can lead to more expense and worry in the long term," he warned.

Mr Curley added that avoiding essential servicing could have safety implications, citing figures from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency as showing the top four reasons for MOT failures are lights, brakes, suspension and tyres, all of which are checked during servicing.

In related news, wheel safety organisation TyreSafe recently revealed an increase in the number of motorists buying part worn tyres, potentially endangering their wellbeing.