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Vauxhall CEO announces plans for new models.
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Vauxhall announce commitment to electric cars

Vauxhall announce commitment to electric cars

Vauxhall boss Karl-Thomas Neumann has expressed the firm's commitment to an electric-powered vehicle and a new entry-level model.

The CEO of Vauxhall's sister company Opel spoke out in a series of posts on microblogging site Twitter this week.

Neumann began with the announcement that despite the Ampera being discontinued in 2015 Opel are committed to electric vehicles: "We see eMobility as important part of the mobility of tomorrow and we will continue to drive down costs & deliver affordability.

"Our next electric vehicle will be part of our massive product offensive  with 27 new vehicles in the 2014-2018 time frame."

He went on to say that a new electric vehicle was planned to replace their current electric model: "After the eventual run-out of the current generation Ampera, we'll introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment."

Vauxhall recently released the fourth generation Vauxhall Corsa, which has kept the same popular charm of the model but with new engines, transmissions and engine technology. The Corsa is expected to make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show in October and is included in the 27 new vehicles planned for the next four years.

The CEO then went on to announce that a new entry-level car is expected, but stated this did not mean they were going into the budget market.

"By the way: Opel will not move into the low-budget segment. We leave this place to others!

"We're planning a new entry level model! No budget car, but a real Opel (quality, innovation, German engineering)!"

by: Danielle Bagnall