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Touchscreen infotainment is now available from a number of different manufacturers.
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What cars have the best infotainment features?

What cars have the best infotainment features?

As the world we live in becomes increasingly advanced and connected, car manufacturers have taken the initiative by creating systems that link vehicles to both drivers and the outside world. 

A variety of brands have developed their own unique infotainment systems, allowing drivers to access in-car functions and extras through an easy-to-use platform.

Manufacturers are taking advantage of the improvements in touch-screen technology, utilising it inside their latest cars to provide a simple and futuristic way to make the most out of a vehicle's offerings. 

Ford is just one of the many that have their own infotainment features in the form of its 'SYNC' technologies.

There are a number of different features to chose from, including SYNC Entertainment, SYNC Navigation, SYNC Services and SYNC Vehicle Health Report. 

The entertainment options allows drivers to conduct a voice activated music search, meaning they can find their favourite songs that are already stored on the system, or find a desired radio station. This stops drivers having to fumble around for a CD or take their eye of the road to select a radio channel. Not only does it increase the driver's connectivity with the car, it also helps to minimise accidents.

SYNC Navigation provides you with the best turn-by-turn directions, read over the audio system speakers. Furthermore, 3D mapping makes it easier than ever to get from A to B. 

In the new Peugeot 108, a seven-inch touch screen is featured on the dashboard, allowing drivers to select radio settings, as well as in-car-functions like air conditioning and the trip computer. 

The touchscreen in this instance intends to remove all of the confusing buttons and switches and combine it into one easy to use system, to allow the driver to keep their concentration on the road. 

When it comes to Renault, a number of their new models, including the Captur and the electric Zoe, feature the R-Link system.

This is soon to be rolled out to many other vehicles and the seven-inch touchscreen enables the driver to access the satellite navigation, radio and weather forecasts. It also measures air quality in the car. 

Renault also has an app store, allowing customers to select helpful functions will either assist them on the road, or provide entertainment for passengers. 

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